Máquina automática de envoltura de almohadas de alimentación de dulces FW-380

Suitable for chocolate and waffle wrapping in pillow bag.

Perfectly works with multiple types of chocolate, waffle likerectangle type, square type, round type etc.


Principal Features:
  • Special design delivers chocolate firmly and fast to the wrapping process.
  • Using servo motor in film sending, more stable.
  • Feeding conveyor can make chocolates in line and send to wrap.
  • Steady speed control by frequency conversion.
Note: Above parameters are able to be customized properly as requests
Additional Info
Candy Shape:
Rectangle, Square, Round, Ellipse, Column, Special shape
Packing Length:
50-75mm(4 cutters) 50-110mm(3 cutters) 70-180mm(2 cutters)
Packing Speed:
20-380 bags/min
Power Supply:
Packing Width:
Packing Height:
Up to 70mm(2.7”)(Standard type)Up to 100mm(3.9”)(Extended type)
Extend Pack Film Width:
Max 120mm