Máquina de envoltura de alimentación de doble giro de caramelo de chocolate FW-820A

FW-820C uses feeding conveyor and feeding plate, solves the problem of those chocolates and candies which are hard to be fed by vibrating wheel bowl.

Suitable for majority shape chocolates and candies.

Working by smart PLC control system makes easy operation and stable working status.


Principal Features:
  • Special design delivers candy firmly and fast to the wrapping process.
  • Feeding conveyor can make chocolates in line and enter feeding plate, then be fed steady to be wrapped.
  • Controlled by PLC touch screen, easy operation and smart.
  • Perfectly works with chocolate and candy in double-twist wrapping, and candy in single-twist wrapping.
Additional Info
Candy Shape:
Rectangle, Square, Round, Ellipse, Column, Special shape
Packing Length:
Packing Speed:
20-300 bags/min
Power Supply:
Packing Width: