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Honor Pack Launch the live show for machine runs your pouches and silimiar products.

Come and join us. Contact with our sales for details and make an appointment.
We will test the packing with your samples bags and product in real.

You can check our product, even you are not able to attend the fair.
Sample Bags will be post to Honor Pack Free of post fee.
And we will buy your sample product for test packing.

Send your sample bags at least 200 PCS and some of your sample product for reference.
When we receive your package, we will return you the shipping cost.

Why Choose HonorPack

We Have 28 Years of Experiences In the Packaging Machinery Industry. High Performance and Reliable Flexible Packing Machines to Meet Your Needs.
Leading Automatic Pouch Packing Machine Provide Food And non-food Applications.
Top Quality-stable Packaging Machine And Top Service For Government Success Project.
Honorpack Machines For Various Pouches. Filling And Sealing Powder, Liquid, Granule, etc.
Machine High Performance & Reliable Contact Us For Affordable Automatic Bagging Solution!

  • Packaging Manufacturer's Direct

  • 28 Years Packaging Machine Experiences

  • Exported to 50 countries

  • IOS & CE Certificate

  • Local after-sale service

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How to choose machine?

first, check your bag type: if you want film formed automatically, needs to choose Vertical form film and seal machine. It is usually for pillow bag, gusset bag, small 3 and 4 side seal bag, Stabilo bag.
If you want to use premade bag, needs to choose Premade Pouch Packing Machine, it is usually for the premade bag, which are not easy and beautiful formed by Vertical form film and seal machine, like zipper pouch, stand up pouch, spout pouch, Retort Pouch, Big 3/4 Side Seal Bag, and pillow bag. The end product they do has a beautiful look.
Second, according your product’s characteristic to choose dosing system.
Third, according to bag size choose machine model.

How much does the machine cost?

Our packing machine is customized by your detail request, so arriving at 'standard pricing' isn't usually practical.
It is depends on your unique needs, for example packing product, weight, bag type and size, as well as the speeds you would like to achieve.

What is the Guarantee Period?

The machine is warranted on our Ex-works basis for 12 months from the date of dispatch of the machine for any main parts of manufacturing defects.

How can I operate the machine?

 The machine can be installed and tested well before shipment, you just need to connect each machine to be a line then can work.
All our machine is with English operation interface and manual, every easy to operate.
You can also ask some machine operation videos to show you how it's all done.
If required, our factory would dispatch the technician to your country for helping installation commissioning, adjusting the packing machine and training your workers. And the buyer will take on all the costs that required during our technician’s stay in the buyers country including visa procedure, round air tickets, accommodation and foods etc. Allowance is USD150.00 PER Day in buyer’s factory.

What is the payment term?

It is stipulated that 50% advance by T/T as down payment to start the manufacturing, and the balance should be paid off before the machines shipment. LC is also acceptable.

What is the production time?

 It is about 35-45 Days to Ex-Factory after First Deposit Received by Our Bank Account. If you are urgently need packaging machine, please let us know, we will show our best support to help you.

What is the packing speed of the machine?

The actual speed may be influenced by other agents as follows:
Material: viscosity, density, volume, weight, etc.
Machine: the speed of the dosing system (piston for liquid, combination scale for granules and augur filler for powder)

Would there be power/plug problems while operating?

The power and plugs equipped with the machine are according to the standard of the customer’s country and can be customized.

Does this machine can use for all products? Like granule, powder, liquid?

Premade Pouch Packing Machine and vertical form film and seal machine can use same one, but dosing system needs to be changed.
Auger Filler for Powder, suits for flour, cocoa, chocolate, spices, chilies, curries, pepper, milk, cosmetic, color powder and other powdery food & non-food products.
Piston Filler for Liquid, suits for liquid & paste products, such as shampoo, cream, ketchup, liquor, oil, jelly and so on.
Volumetric Cup Suits for many kinds of loose products, such as rice, popcorn, pea, sugar, salt, etc.
Linear Weigher suits for small granular products, such as sugar, rice, seeds, salt, spices, flavoring, chemical, etc.
Combination Scale Weigher suits for potato chips, biscuits, pasta, peanuts, nuts, coffee, beans, popcorn, cereals, extruded snacks, confectionery, dried & froze fruits, pets food, vegetables, pills, electronics, plastics, hardware, toys and other granular food & nonfood Products.

What's the difference between roll film and premade bags?

Roll film is a long, flat sheet of (usually plastic) packaging material that is wound around a hollow core. The packing machine can form the bag from film when fill and pack the product. Roll film is generally economical in cost per bag and can run at high speeds.
Premade bags have been already formed into their end bag shape. The packing machine will open the bag, fill the product and seal it. Premade bags have a better look, but usually cost more per impression than bags created from rolls film.

Does machine can use for all bag size?

No. The bag size is very important to choose a machine.
For Vertical form film and seal machine, one machine just have one former, the bag width is decided by former size. If you want to change the bag width, you need change another size former. For example, 190mm bag width bag former can’t do 260mm width bag, you need change to 260mm bag width bag former, even needs to change the machine model.
While the length of bag can be adjusted by machine, but it also has a range.
The exact bag size that machine can do you can check in our catalog or website.
For Premade Pouch Packing Machine, now we just have two models: JR8S-240, JR6S-350. JR8S-240 is for bag width 80-240mm bag Length 100-400 mm, JR6S-350 is for bag width 150-350mm bag Length 150-470 mm, the bag size in these range is ok.

Is the machine equipped with automatic printer? Can we print the information as we designed?

Normally, the standard printer can only print basic information, like dates, batches, weight, etc. If required, we can equip it with Thermal transfer coding machine or ink-jet printer to print complex details.

Does the machine have certificates, like certificate of conformity?

Yes, it does. Certificates will be along with the machine before shipping. And our machine is with CE certificate.

Since we haven’t used such machines before, how could we know whether this machine could meet our demands for packaging or not?

first, we will recommend sets of machines according to your specific packing requirements, for example, product, pouch type, pouch size and speed. Also, a similar video for the recommended machine line will be sent for your reference.
And it’s our pleasure to make an actual testing of your material and pouches if you could send the material, pouches and requirements to us. We will provide you with the testing report, analysis and videos after testing.

Actually, we don’t have a supplier for premade pouches or film. Can you offer premade pouches or film?

Sure, we have cooperated with many suppliers in long term. If required, according to your demands for the bag material and quality, we can select the most suitable supplier and offer some reasonable quotes for your reference.

How do we know whether you are a real manufacturer or not? How can you guarantee our down payment?

Out of the mentioned consideration, we will attach the business permits and other certificates to the quotation sheet. If could, welcome to visit our factory. We can also provide customer witness.

Why choose Honor Pack?

Engineers with long time experience in the field of food and pharmacy industrials will provide not only the right machines also valuable producing solutions care for working environment and productivity with HACCP.
Focusing the durable, easy use & convenient maintenance, we design our machine distinguished from others.
With our efforts to bring customer success, we honored to be the partner of SUMSANG and Korea government project to help small business with automatic machine to replace the labor working.
We promise to march successful future together with customers under our in time and correct service!

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