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Trotilla Corn Chips VFFS Pillow Packaging Machine

Customer: Dominican Republic
Packing Product: Tortilla chips (nachos-tostitos)
Pack weight:1000g
VFJ-920 Vertical Form Fill & Seal Machine + 16 Heads Combination Weigher + platform + Z shape bucket conveyor + Gravity Fall Metal Detector + Take-away conveyor 

1) Adjust weight by PLC
2) 30 bags/mins of big bag packaging

- VFJ-920 Vertical Form Fill & Seal Machine with Servo Driving Horizontal Seal Contruction and use 16 Heads Combination Weigher, the speed of packing machine can arrive to 25-30bags/min of such big bag.
- Gravity Fall Metal Detector can detect the product when filling
- All 304# Stainless Steel construction
- PLC control with stable reliable biaxial high accuracy output and color touch screen, bag-making, measuring, filling, printing,cutting , finished in one operation.

VFJ With Multihead Scales
VFFS Packaging Machine
Multi-Heads Combination Scale
S Shape Incline Conveyor
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