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Barbecue Sauce & Pasta Sauce Premade Pouch Packaging Machine

The packing system is equipped with JR series rotary premade pouch packing machine and U shape dual heads paste piston filler for dosing
Country: Vietnam
Packing material: Barbecue Sauce & Pasta Sauce
Packing bag type: Doy pouch/ 4 sides sealing pouch
Package weight: 80g/100g/1kg

Principal Features:

  • The packing system with strong comprehensive ability, cuz this project have 3 different pouch sizes and two kinds of pouch style, can be compatible in one packaging machine. Different sizes are automatically adjusted by one click on the touch screen.
  • Three packing weights, 80g and 100g share one piston filler, 1kg use another piston filler, totally equipped with two fillers with one packing machine, to achieve the various packing plans. Besides, each filler use dual heads filing nozzle to reach a higher speed.
  • Due to the raw materials are thick, so the material hopper had specially designed with a heater and a stirer, for material easier feeding into the U shape piston filler.
JR With Pistion Filler
Premade Pouch Packaging Machine JR8-240
Piston Filler
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