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Liquid Filling in Small Pre-made Pouch JR8-S200

Liquid Filling in Small Pre-made Pouch JR8-S200 Liquid Filling in Small Pre-made Pouch JR8-S200 HonorPack

Widely apply to different kinds of pouches and products. It is equipped with horizontal bag sending device and high speed free flowing/ viscous liquid, which are specially used by Small Pre-made Pouch. This makes packing speed of Small Pre-made Pouch up to 35 bags/min.

Max. speed

50 bpm

Bag Size


80mm W*100 L



240mm W*300 L



  • Eight work station: 1.Pouch picking, 2. Date printing, 3. Pouch opening, 4. Material filling, 5. Material filling, 6. Installation depends on material, 7. Sealing, 8. Sealing and Outputting Station.

Material Application:



  • Equipped with air cylinder filler, can achieve accuracy weighing and filling.
  • SIEMENS PLC system.
  • Sealing height can be flexible adjusted, to fit different sealing types on pouches.
  • Automatic lubricating grease system, no need to manually lubricate, reduces the work of maintenance.
  • Designed with drain tunnel. Machine table can be washed directly by water, easy to do maintenance and perfect for food production.
  • Variable-frequency governor and driven by SMC air cylinder.
  • Full 304# stainless steel construction and highly sealed.
  • Widely apply to different kinds of pouches and products.
  • One button bag width adjusting on the screen.
  • Oil-free vacuum pump, avoid pollution.
  • Meets GMP and HACCP standard.
  • Suitable pouch material: laminated film, single layer PE, PP and paper.

  • Bag Type

    Bag Type

    Apply to various kind of pre-made zip bags in 300mm width,such as 3/4 sides sealed bags, pillow bags and other common bag type,optional zipper bag, spout bag. For details, please contact our sales.
  • Machine Dimensions

    Machine Dimensions

    1400 X 1560 X 2950mm, above parameters are able to be customized properly as requests.
  • Quality Parts

    Quality Parts

    World famous brand control system. PLC with touch screen, integrate frequency control system, more stable.

Safe and convenient:

  • It alarms and shows fault location when errors occur, which is easy to fix
  • It is equipped with protective door, which prevents dust and machine from injuring workers accidentally
  • It is also equipped with prompt facility of anti-misoperation, which prevents machine from damaging


  • Normal bag clamping (switch between spout bag clamping and Normal bag clamping)
  • Multiple high speed filling machines.

Detailed Pictures: 

  • Filling

  • Blow Bag Opening

  • Bag Sending

  • Adjustable Sealing Area

  • Tidy Bottom Construction&Automatic Lubricating

  • Drain Tunnel Washable Machine Table


Additional Info

  • Pouch Type: Stand-up Bag, Doy Pack, Gusset Bag, Spout Bag, Paper bag, Zipper Bag
  • Working Station: 8 Working-Station
  • Filling Range: 5-1500g
  • Pouch Width: 80-240mm(3.15”-7.87”)
  • Pouch Length: 100-300mm(3.94”-11.8”)
  • Capacity: Up to 50 Bags/Min(Depends on products’ natures and filling weight)
  • Dosing System: Auger Filler, Piston Filler, Volumetric Cup
  • Power Supply: Per customer specification
  • Power Consumption: 2KW
  • Compressed Air: 400 L/Min. Zip Function 580 L/Min.
  • Machine Dimension: 2000x1200x1400mm (78.7'x47.2'x55.1')
  • Machine Weight: 1500Kg