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Customer Success Project, Customized Packing Solutions

Poultry Packing Solutions

Gwangju, South Korea

Project consists a vacuum rotary packing machine JR-8S10V-270 to pack full chicken in pieces in vaccum pouch & a rotary packing machine JR8S-240 packing IQF chicken with introgen flushing pouch.

Sea Food Packing Solutions

Yeosu, South Korea

JR-6S-350 with combination scale suits for most typical frozen sea food from 0.5 kgs ~ 5 kgs. Reduce worker from 5 persons to 1 machine operator. 

Cannabis Sativa Packing Solutions

Near Seattle, Wa,USA

14 Heads Combination Scale along with our Pre-made Pouch Fill & Seal Machine

Target Weight Within ± 0.05 Gram
Range From 1 Gram to 200 Gram
Open Zip Pouch with Euro Hole & Round Hole

Insulin Pen Needle Packaging Solutions

Near Warsaw Poland

Medical Insulin Pen Needles in Small Zipper Pouch, ONLY in HONOR PACK

Open Light Mono Layer Zip Pouch
at 30 pouches per min
Counting 6 Pcs Needles
Automatic Loading to Box

Mixed Pickle & Sauce Packaging Solutions

QUito, Ecuador

Filling Pickle in Tight Pouch And Water by Piston Filler

Fine Powder Dye Packaging Solutions


Automatic Rotary Pouch Fill and Seal Machine Packing Powder Dye for Hair

Open zip pouch
Speed 30 pouch per min
Dust collection device

Dried Fruit—Jackfruit Zipper Pouch Packaging Solutions


Open zip pouch
Speed 30 pouch pre min
Filling with vibrating device

Rice Cake Vacuum Packaging Solutions


Packing rice cake from 500g – 3000g.

Pouch width up to 350mm.
Busch Vacuum Pump
Runs pouch @ 30 bpm

Sprouting Mung Beans Mixing Products Packing Solutions


Sprouting Mung Beans With Beef Bone Soup

Packing irregular/regular product and liquid product
Mixing Products Premade Bags Packing Machine

Rice Premade Bag Packing Solutions


0.5-5 KG Rice packing Machine can do the bag size range from width 120-300mm, length 100-450mm. When they have many kinds of packing products, this packing system will be a good option. 

Ketchup DoyPack Packaging Solutions


Applied to packing liquid and paste
Customized piston filler
Premade Doypack Packaging Machine

Oats Powder Packaging Solutions


Packing Oats Powder

Zip pouch packaging
Exhaust gas device
Dust collection device

Frozen Blueberries Packaging Solutions


Packing Frozen Blueberries

Zip pouch packaging
1-5 lbs=0.454-2.268KG
80*100-240*400mm big bag

Biscuit Doypack Packaging Solutions

Czech Republic

Packing Product: small biscuits sachet

Cup Feeder + 14 Heads Weigher
Weight: 6-8 pcs
20-25 bags/min

Sea Salt Zipper Packing Solutions

South Africa

Packing Product: coarse sea salt and fine sea salt
Pack weight:250g and 500g
JR1S-300 pre-made pouch packing machine with dual head liner scale

Cat Litter Packaging Solutions


Packing weight Max 5KG
Customized horizontal feeding conveyor

Sesame and Seaweed Mixing Packaging Solutions


Packing Sesame and Seaweed

Higher accuracy
Zipper Pouch Packaging
Triangle Shape Pouch

Pet Food Packaging Solutions


Packing Pet Food 1-3kg

Zip pouch packaging
Long and big bags packaging
Packing weight Max 5KG

Chips Food Packaging Solutions


Chips packaging: 35 grams -180 grams
Customized feeding hopper and vibration feeding
Suitable for various types of bags

Brown Sugar Zipper Packing Solutions


Packing Product: Brown Sugar
Pack weight:3KG
Accurately measured

Retort Pouch Packaging Solutions


Retort Pouches / Cooking Bags Packaging
3 filling systems in one machine
Suitable for granule, powder and liquid/ paste at one time

Walnut Kernel Nut Packaging Solutions


Packing material: walnut kernel
Packing bag type: zipper stand-up bag
Package weight: 15g-2kg
Packing size: W78*L130mm-W300*L400mm

Beans Doypack Vacuum Packaging Solutions


For a wide range of bag size

Doypack, Vacuum Packages
Packing material: Beans
Weight: 200-3000g

Sauce Pouch Packaging Solutions


Packing material: Barbecue Sauce & Pasta Sauce
Packing bag type: Doy pouch/ 4 sides sealing pouch
Package weight: 80g/100g/1kg

Cookies / Croissants Zipper Packing Solutions

New Zealand

Packing material: Frozen cookie dough/FrozenCroissants
Packing bag type: Doy zipper pouch
Package Weight: 800g/750g
Pouch size: W270*L350mm

Biscuits & Bread Cube Packaging Solutions

Saudi Arabia

Packing material: Biscuits & Baking Bread
Packing bag type: Doy Zipper pouch
Package weight: 250g/400g

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