Medicinal Powder Packaging Solution

Medicinal Sachet Powder Packaging Machine

Integrated with auger filler dosing system, the VFH6-P series packing machine can
complete the measure, make bags, filling, sealing, and output for various materials. The
VFH6 series have the automatic counting function. It is suitable for flour, cocoa,
chocolate, spices, chilies, curries, pepper, milk, cosmetics, color powder, and other
powdery food & non-food products.

  • PLC & 7-inch touch screen control, the program is more flexible, specially customized for you.
  • More safety guards and prevent the wrong operation from injured .
  • More intelligent, do not waste the film and with counting function .
  • All machine body is made of stainless steel SS 304 .
  • Various types of heating sealable laminated films can be run on the machine.

Medicinal Sachet Powder Packaging Machine

Please click below to watch the production process of  Sachet Packaging Machine.



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