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Sachet packaging machine

Powder Packaging Machine

Equipped with Augur Filler and Screw Elevator, it is widely applied to packing powder, such as detergent powder, milk powder, flour, spice, coco powder, ground coffee, and so on.

Our powder packaging machine well packaging for variety of package styles including pillow bag, gusseted bag, block bottom bag, vacuum bag and valve applicators. The VFJ VFFS series the production of block bottom bag sealed at the 4 edges for more stability (quad seal pack) is available.

Customized to meet your production, package style and economic requirements


  • Pillow Bag,Sachet,Premade Pouch and quad seal
  • Accuracy 0.2 to 2g
  • High-speed capabilities up to 80 bag/min

Packaging Video:

Please click below to watch the production process of  premade pouch packaging machine.



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