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Premade Pouch Packaging Machine

Case Detail

Ketchup Doypack Premade Packaging

Customer: Guatemala
Packing Product: Tomato Sauce and tomato paste
JR8S-240 pre-made pouch packing machine

Equipped with 2sets piston fillers as the dosing system for faster speed, it is widely applied to packing liquid and paste.
-The piston filler is customized with agitator and heater for smoothly filling.
-Have thermometer that indicates the temperature prior to the filling.
– Gripper width adjust by touch screen in a minute.
– Equipped with a 10” PLC touch screen with graphic intraface and an automatic lubricating system

Vertical Form Fill & Seal Machine

Case Detail

Vertical form fill & seal machine with combination scale to pack potato chips with target weight 44-240 grams. Make pillow bag with 9mm diameter hanging hole, easy tear notch and nitrogen flushing to extend shelf life. Demo video runs in our facility. Now working at Los Angeles, CA, USA, customer reference can send per request to Honor Pack.

Sachet Packaging Machine

Case Detail

Machine model: VFH6-SL320
Packing material: Soy Sauce
Packing capacity: 12ml
Country: Athens, Greece

Setting round corner device makes better bag shape and easy-tear, which is better to open soy sauce sachet even put it in humid environment.

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