Vertical Form Fill Seal Machine

Honorpack’s Vertical Form Fill Seal machine meets the packaging needs for various products and industries at low, medium, and high speeds, producing multiple types and sizes of bag packaging. Leading VFFS Manufacturer, Exported To 50+ Countries. Inquire!

Vertical Form Fill and Seal Machine

High performance and reliable with intermittent or reciprocating continuously motion Vertical Form Fill And Seal (VFFS) Machine

Designed for forming bag from film, Filling it by synchronized dosing system, sealing it and outputting.

VFJ series is able to make pillow bag, flat-bottom bag, quad seal bag, vacuum bag, vent valve bag and M shape guesset bag.

Technical Features:

VFFS Application - Customer Success Project

HonorPack’s industry-leading VFFS (Vertical Form Fill Seal) machines are suitable for packaging granules, powders, liquids, and pastes for a wide range of food and non-food applications. They are primarily used for packaging food and daily necessities such as snacks, chips, coffee, nuts, cereals, popcorn, candy, tea, beans, seeds, cannabis, pet food, frozen foods, milk powder, flour, seasoning powder, salt, sugar, rice, meat, ketchup, juice, milk, detergents, and other products. Additionally, they are suitable for bagged packaging of pharmaceutical, chemical, daily chemical, hardware, and toy products.

Vertical Form Fill Seal Pouch Styles

The economic and fast packaging solutions of form-fill bags are widely favored in the market. HonorPack’s VFFS Machine can operate with various types of heat-sealable single-layer polyethylene films and composite films, such as PE/BOPP, CPP/BOPP, CPP/PET, PE/NYLON, and aluminum foil-based composite films. It can quickly switch between different packaging styles according to customer needs, including three-side seal bags, four-side seal bags, pillow bags, gusseted bags, flat-bottom bags, vacuum bags, and various punched, back-sealed, one-way valve, and easy-tear options.

Please click below to watch the production process of  vertical form fill seal machine for different bag types.

VFJ Series VFFS Machine Types

Intermittent VFFS Machine

Honorpack’s intermittent vertical form fill seal (VFFS) machine is a mid-speed VFFS packaging machine. It automatically cycles to form bags from rolls of plastic film, fill them with precisely weighed materials, and seal them vertically and horizontally when the film is stationary, achieving a packaging speed of up to 80 bags per minute. If your speed requirements are not particularly high, our intermittent VFFS machine is an excellent choice for achieving high productivity at a lower cost, offering ease of operation and high stability.

Continuous Motion VFFS Machine

HonorPack’s continuous Vertical Form Fill Seal Machine is a high-speed, fully servo-driven packaging machine designed for customers with high-speed, large-volume production needs. With constant film forming, weighing, filling, and sealing speeds, the film does not need to stop for sealing, resulting in higher production efficiency and achieving packaging speeds of up to 180 bags per minute.

Multi-lane Stick Bag Packing Machine

HonorPack’s multi-lane packaging machine integrates automatic weighing, bag making, filling, sealing, cutting, batch number printing, and easy-tear cutting functions. It is suitable for high-speed, large-scale packaging of products such as instant coffee, nutritional powder, sauces, and pharmaceuticals in stick packs and sachets. The machine operates with multiple lanes and parallel cutting, significantly increasing production efficiency and saving floor space compared to single-lane packaging machines.

Big Bag VFFS Machine

HonorPack’s heavy-duty Vertical Form Fill Seal Machine is the ideal solution for automatically forming, filling, and sealing large-capacity and large-size packaging products. It can produce pillow or gusseted pouches up to 23 inches (580mm) wide. This machine is suitable for bulk bag packaging of products such as rice, beans, candy, pet food, flour, fertilizer, and laundry powder.

Compact Sachet VFFS Machine

The VFH is HonorPack’s most compact, integrated filling system for bag forming, filling, and sealing, offering an economical, fully automatic solution for small-batch sachet production. It can be customized with various dosing/filling models to meet customer requirements. The plug-and-play machine is suitable for packaging powders, liquids, and granules. This compact vertical machine can produce 40-80 bags per minute, depending on packaging needs, and is easy to use, stable in performance, and space-saving.

VFJ Series VFFS Systems by Material

VFJ Series (Parameter list, optional features, back seal form, perforation form, drawings.)

How VFFS Machine Installation & Main Components

Vertical form fill seal machines form bags from rolls of film, fill them with measured materials, and seal them. Main components include a film transport system, forming sets, Dosing Systems, measuring system, and sealing unit.

Please click below to watch the process & main components of honorpack’s vertical form fill seal.

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HonorPack can provide an end-to-end VFFS packaging solution tailored to your packaging needs and budget. This includes recommending film roll materials, designing, customizing packaging machine plans, offering local after-sales service, and providing remote technical support. Whether you are a novice buying a packaging machine for the first time or a packaging machine distributor, Our packaging solutions provide you with a worry-free experience.


First, check your bag type: if you want film formed automatically, needs to choose Vertical form film and seal machine. It is usually for pillow bag, gusset bag, small 3 and 4 side seal bag, Stabilo bag.
Second, according your product’s characteristic to choose dosing system.
Third, according to bag size choose machine model.

Our vertical form fill seal machine is customized by your detail request, so arriving at ‘standard pricing’ isn’t usually practical.
It is depends on your unique needs, for example packing product, weight, bag type and size, as well as the speeds you would like to achieve.

The ideal packing speed of verical form fill seal machine can be referred to the parameter table.
The actual speed may be influenced by other agents as follows:
Material: viscosity, density, volume, weight, etc.
Machine: the speed of the dosing system (piston for liquid, combination scale for granules and augur filler for powder)

Roll film is a long, flat sheet of (usually plastic) packaging material that is wound around a hollow core. The packing machine can form the bag from film when fill and pack the product. Roll film is generally economical in cost per bag and can run at high speeds.
Premade bags have been already formed into their end bag shape. The packing machine will open the bag, fill the product and seal it. Premade bags have a better look, but usually cost more per impression than bags created from rolls film.

Vertical form film and seal machine can use same one, but dosing system needs to be changed.
Auger Filler for Powder, suits for flour, cocoa, chocolate, spices, chilies, curries, pepper, milk, cosmetic, color powder and other powdery food & non-food products.
Piston Filler for Liquid, suits for liquid & paste products, such as shampoo, cream, ketchup, liquor, oil, jelly and so on.
Volumetric Cup Suits for many kinds of loose products, such as rice, popcorn, pea, sugar, salt, etc.
Linear Weigher suits for small granular products, such as sugar, rice, seeds, salt, spices, flavoring, chemical, etc.
Combination Scale Weigher suits for potato chips, biscuits, pasta, peanuts, nuts, coffee, beans, popcorn, cereals, extruded snacks, confectionery, dried & froze fruits, pets food, vegetables, pills, electronics, plastics, hardware, toys and other granular food & nonfood Products.

No. The bag size is very important to choose a machine.
For Vertical form film and seal machine, one machine just have one former, the bag width is decided by former size. If you want to change the bag width, you need change another size former. For example, 190mm bag width bag former can’t do 260mm width bag, you need change to 260mm bag width bag former, even needs to change the machine model.

Normally, the standard printer can only print basic information, like dates, batches, weight, etc. If required, we can equip it with Thermal transfer coding machine or ink-jet printer to print complex details.

Sure, we have cooperated with many suppliers in long term. If required, according to your demands for the bag material and quality, we can select the most suitable supplier and offer some reasonable quotes for your reference.


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Hi, I’m Francis Wu, Founder and General Manager of HonorPack, I have been running a factory producing packaging machinery in China for 20 years, discussing equipment and operation with our technical staff and communicating with our experienced packaging experts..

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We are Halwani&Tahhan food company, and we have packing factory. We pack all boxes and nuts, and etc. We buy this new machine from Honor packing machinery, and after new operated, we are very satisfied with this. This is ready pouch packing machine, and
" it is very strong, and beautiful, thank you!"

Hello, I am Phanindra Kumar.M of Intron Life Sciences, we are in manufacture factory.we bought this machine from HONOR PACK. This machine from past 10 years we are using these machines without any problems. These machines are very good and the performance these machines are very well. I can finally say a thumbs up to HONOR PACK:

Hola! Mi nombre es Pedro Julien. Soy de empresa FOCHITEK de Chile. Acá en Sudamerica. Nosotros somos representante de la empresa Honorpack. Por cual el contacto con Min Chen. Nosotros comerciamos tu máquina y puedo garantizar de su calidad es muy buena, su componente calidad, y su funcionamiento es óptimo para trabajar 24x7, cien por ciento recomendable la máquina.
" Muy buena calidad, muy buena fabricación, muy buena terminación.

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