Bag Styles Customed to Your Packaging Needs


Fully automatic Doypack Pouch / Bag Filling Machines to pack pre-made pouches.  Powder, granulate, chunky products, pastes, and liquids to be filled and sealed.


A cost-effective and easily packed pouch style, 4-side seal pouch provides convenience to products such as coffee, sugar, powder, pastes and etc, portable, disposable food packaging. 


With zip open and close function, this model is a good choice for pre-made zipper pouch.Our pre-made pouch packing machine has the highest cost-effective and competitiveness.

Spout pouch

Spout pouch has advantages in shelf space utilization and presentation、freshness and sealing, so it is widely used in food, daily chemicals and other industries, such as juice nozzle bags and laundry liquid nozzle bags and etc.

Stick pack

An independent pouch of high accuracy with quantitive filling, regular stick bag style provides convenience to products such as coffee,honey, beverage and etc, portable, disposable food packaging. Easy to cartooning and packing automatically.


The Pillow Filling & Wrapping Machine suitable for almost all industries and applications, from coffee to snacks to soup. ..

Flat bottom

A bag style Loved by the retailers for their great shelf space utilization and presentation. The text and graphics on the package can be displayed to the fullest extent.Suitable for almost coffee, pet food, tea and snacks packaging.

Quad seal

This pouch is extensively uesd in food packaging. Quad seal pouches are the most popular pouches for coffee, pet food, candy and snacks. With its good shelf display and presentation.

Three side seal

A cost-effective and easily packed pouch, the three side seal, which is one side of pouch is complex film folded directly, another three sides are in heat seal form. Also high space usage rate with this bag style.

Found your packaging machines

Customed food packaging solutions by name & model, by application or by packing style.

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