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Honey Stick Packaging Machine

Honey Stick Packing Machine Integrated with piston filler dosing system, the VFH6-L series packaging machine is suitable for liquid & paste products, such as shampoo, cream, ketchup, liquor, oil, honey and so on. It is widely applied to packing liquid into stick bag, 3/4 side seal bag, and pillow bag.

  • PLC & 7-inch touch screen control, program is more flexible, specially customized for you.
  • More safety guards and prevent the wrong operation from injured.
  • More Intelligent, do not waste the film and with counting function.
  • All Product contacts are made of stainless steel SS304 or food-grade plastic.
  • Various types of heating sealable laminated films and Monolayer Polyethylene Film can be
VFH Liquild Packaging Machine
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