Puffed Snack Food Pillow Bag Packing Solution

Puffed Snack Food Compact VFFS Pillow Bag Packing Machine Compact VFFS Pillow Bag With Volumetric Cup for puffed foodCountry: BoliviaPacking material: PopcornPacking bag type: pillow bagPackage weight: 14g Free consultation Project description:The customer need to package 14gr popcorn in pillow bags. Depending on the customer’s budget, the customer seeks a cost-effective machine.In addition, the customer […]

Retort Pouch Packaging Solutions

Retort Pouches / Cooking Bags Packaging Machine Multi Filling Retort Pouches / Cooking Bags Packaging MachineCustomer from Bolivia buy JR8S-240 equips with multi-head combination scale, auger filler, and piston filler this unit for packing quinoa, powder, and water in one Retort Pouches. Advantages: 3 filling systems in one machine Suitable for granule, powder and liquid/ […]