Coconut Water Premade Bag Packaging Solution

Coconut Water Premade Pouch Packaging Machine Customer: Thailand Packing Product: coconutWeight: 150gJR8S-240 pre-made zipper pouch packing machine + Piston filler We now have more and more customers buy packed beverage from supermarket, especial for tropical countries, like coconut.As one coconut is heavy and difficult to open, if the supplier can pack the coconut into the […]

Dried Fruit—Jackfruit Zipper Pouch Packaging Solutions

Dried Fruit—Jackfruit Zipper Pouch Packaging Machine Packing example: Dried Fruit—Jackfruit Automatic Rotary Pouch Fill and Seal Machine Model: JR 8S-240 . Packing Dried Jackfruit . ThailandPacking Doypack without zipper and without zipper bag for foodstuff products.In the filing station, the function of vibration is included, which is prevented material was plugged and the vibration of […]