Automatic Pillow Type Candy Packing Machine FW-800A

Automatic Pillow Type Candy Packing Machine FW-800A

FW-800A is suitable for candy packing in pillow bag.

Special design makes easy to pack multiple shape candies like rectangle type, square type, special type, without exchanging any machine part.


Principal Features:

  • Large size vibrating wheel bowl equips with a vibrating hopper sends candies correct and fast to be wrapped.
  • Using servo motor in film sending, more stable.
  • With double-layer candy feeding system, avoid empty pack.
  • Additional Info


    Candy Shape:

    Rectangle, Square, Round, Ellipse, Column, Special shape

    Packing Length:


    Packing Speed:

    20-800 bags/min

    Power Supply:


    Packing Width:

    Up to 70mm(2.7”)(Standard type)Up to 100mm(3.9”)(Extended type)

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