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Biscuit Premade Doypack Packaging Solutions

Customer: Czech Republic
Packing Product: small biscuits sachet
Weight: 6-8 pcs

JR8S-240 pre-made zipper pouch packing machine + Cup elevator + 14 Heads Waterproof Combination Weigher + Platform

- Automatic feeding & pick up pouches, coding, open the pouches, filling products into the pouches, then sealing & output.
- 14 Heads Waterproof Combination Weigher can weigh and fill biscuits
- 6-8 sachets, 80*100-240*400mm big bag
- Speed can up to 20-25 bags/min
- CE certificate
- Washable table
- Safety cut-out switch on the door

JR8S-240 Biscuit Doypack Packaging Machine
Cup Feeder
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