• Pouch from Film

    Vertical Form Fill & Seal Machine

  • Pouch Packaging Machine

    Rotary Fill and Seal

  • Small Pouch from Film

    Sachet packaging machine

Vertical Form Fill and Seal Packaging Machine

  • High performance and reliable with intermittent or reciprocating continuously motion Vertical Form Fill And Seal (VFFS) Machine
  • Designed for forming bag from film, Filling it by synchronized dosing system, sealing it and outputting.
  • VFJ series is able to make pillow bag, gusseted bag, flat-bottom bag, quad seal bag, vacuum bag, vent valve bag and M shape guesset bag.
  • Fast Forming Tube Change

    Simple and fast forming tube change without tools
  • Graphic Touch Screen HMI

    Intelligent control by PLC & Touch-Screen HMI with multi-languages
  • Servo & Vacuum Pulling

    Dual servo system for film transport with vacuum pulling belts
  • Safe Door Interlock Guard

    A safety door with interlock function, never can accesses to dangerous parts during running
  • Smooth & Low Noise

    Perfect film tension rewinding for high-performance bagging
  • Perfect Film Rewinding

    Perfect film tension rewinding for high-performance bagging
  • Servo Technology Jaws

    Servo technology for reciprocation sealing l8
  • Fast Change Jaws

    Change over for heat-sealable laminated film or polyethylene materials
  • Smooth operation in low noise

    Smooth operation in low noise
  • Versatile to filling system

    Versatile to Synchronize any filling system
  • Weigh, Form Coding Fill & Seal, Output

    Hot stamping, inkjet, thermal transfer & labeler.
  • Air Mandrel

    More easy to change film web in air mandrel
  • EPC

    Electric Position correct
  • 8 Product Recipes

    Storage for 8 product recipes
Piston Filler—Liquid
Volumetic Cup—Powers
Line Scale Weigher—Granules
Comination Scale Weigher—Granules
Anguer Filler—Powers
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