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Sesame and Seaweed Mixing Snacks Packaging Machine

Automatic Rotary Pouch Fill and Seal Machine Model: JR 8S-240 .
Packing Sesame and Seaweed Mixing Product, Korea
Packing Equipment:
1. JR8S-240
2. Auger Filler/Linear Scale
3. Weighing Hopper
4. Inkjet Printer

For our Korean partner packing a kind of popular snacks in their market. This kind of product is a mixing of sesame and seaweed. Customer want to use the auger filler to calculate the weight and also want higher accuracy. So Honorpack made another weight checking hopper under the output of the auger filler. The checking hopper receives the target weight of product then open the gate to packing machine. This can make the packing weight accurate enough though the material is not mixed evenly. We also installed a 4 heads linear scale for that customer. So they can choose either of them according to their products packing requirements.

JR With Auger Filler
Rotary Packaging Machine JR8-240
Auger Filler
Screw Elevator
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