Pillow Bag Powder Packing Machine VFH5/6-P320

  • Make Pillow Bag
  • Auger Filler Integrated
  • Stainless Steel Frame

Max. speed

80 bpm

Film Width




Basic Information:
  • PLC & 7 inch touch screen control,program is more flexible,specially customized for you.
  • Photocell for film length registered and automatic adjustment in 3 bags.
  • Simple and fast bag size changeover with one-piece forming set.
  • Work with most of laminated heat seal films.
  • All product contact parts in #304 stainless steel.
  • Sealing Jaws cover protector.
Additional Info
Bag Styles:
Pillow Bag, Stick Bag
Bag Width:
30 to 135mm (1.2 to 5.3″)
Bag Length:
30 to 180mm (1.2 to 7″)
Product Characteristic:
Dosing System Compatible:
Auger Filler Integrated
Running Motion:
Working Efficiency:
40-80 Bags/Min
Control By:
PLC with HMI Touch Screen
Date Coding Can Be:
Hot Stamping Coder
Options Available:
Perforation, SS Frame
Film & Reel:
0.04-0.12mm (30-120mic.) Real Max.Dia.400mm (15.8″) Max. Reel Width 300mm (11.8″)
Power & Voltage:
Compress Air:
No Request
650*850*1650mm (25.6*33.5*65″)
Machine Weight:
300 KGS