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Sprouting Mung Beans Mixing Products Packing Solutions

Sprouting Mung Beans With Beef Bone Soup Premade Bags Packing Machine

Automatic Rotary Pouch Fill and Seal Machine
Model: JR8S-240
Packing Product: Sprouting Mung Beans and Beef Soup.
Customer: South Korea

Automatic loading Sprouting Mung Beans form Z elevator.
Special 14 heads combination scale designed for sprouting Mung Beans.
Cooperating with human loading beef bone by cup feeder.
Servo Piston filler to calculate sauce with high accuracy.
Outputting with metal detector and weight checker.

This whole system can be used to pack irregular/regular product and liquid product.
And with high flexibility. Customer can choose the machine they needed to finish the packing requirements. When they have many kinds of packing product, this packing system will be a good option.

Premade Pouch Rotary Packing Machine JR8-240
Cup Feeder
Multi-Heads Combination Scale
Multi-Heads Combination Scale
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