Dried Bread Cubes Zipper Pouch Packing Solution

Dried Bread Cubes Doy Zipper Pouch Packing Machine Packing Dried Bread Cubes to Zip Doypack – In Rotary Premade Pouch Packing Machine Customer from Spain, equipped with 4 linear scales to pack Dried Bread Cubes & Dried fruits in zipper doypack, easy to operate and maintain.This is a great choice for customers who are going […]

Garlic Cloves DoyPack Packaging Solution

Garlic Cloves Doypack Zipper Pouch Packaging Machine JR824_Garlic Cloves_Combination Weigher_Metal_Weight Checker_Inkjet PrinterCountry: SpainPacking material: Garlic ClovesPacking bag type: Doy zipper pouchPackage weight: 150gPackage speed: 30bgm Free consultation Project description:Our customer needs to pack fresh garlic cloves in doypack zipper bags. Because the fresh garlic is easy to be damaged by the shock, and it will […]

Powdered Fertilizer Doypack Packing Solution

Powdered Fertilizer Doypack Packing Machine Country: SpainDesignation: Carousel machine with screw dosing unit for powder fertilizerPacking bag type: Doy zipper pouchWeight of the package: 700g and 1000g Free consultation Details: The customer has two types of bags, one is doypack with zipper and the other is doypack with perforations and without zipper. The customer wants […]