Garlic Cloves DoyPack Packaging Solution

Garlic Cloves Doypack Zipper Pouch Packaging Machine

JR824_Garlic Cloves_Combination Weigher_Metal_Weight Checker_Inkjet Printer
Country: Spain
Packing material: Garlic Cloves
Packing bag type: Doy zipper pouch
Package weight: 150g
Package speed: 30bgm

Project description:
Our customer needs to pack fresh garlic cloves in doypack zipper bags. Because the fresh garlic is easy to be damaged by the shock, and it will be a little sticky, we use the embossed steel material in the weigher, and it is also equipped with a collecting hopper, so that the drop distance of the garlic is reduced. It is not easy to damage the garlic.
In addition, the customer requires that it can automatically detect whether there is metal in the garlic packing process and whether the weight is correct. For some bags have metal or wrong weight, it should be rejected automatically.
For this requisiot, we are equipped with metal detecting machine and check weigher to reject automatically at the end of packing.

JR Garlic Cloves Doypack Packaging Machine

Please click below to watch the production process of  premade pouch packaging machine.



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