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Stabilo Bag & Vent Valve—Coffee Powder Packaging Solutions


Automatic Coffee filling and sealing machine for Stabilo bags: VFJ-420 .
Packing coffee powder, milk powder, flour, etc.. The client is from Honduras.

Potato Chips Packaging Solutions

Los Angeles, CA, USA

Potato chips packaging now working at Customer's site in Los Angeles, CA, USA. For packing weight request 44-240 grams, pillow bag with 9 mm diameter hanging hole, easy tear notch.

Small Granules Into Pouch (Pillow, Flatbottom, Gusset)


Adjust weight in ±30%
Changeover in pillow, gusset & Flatbottom
Speed up to 70 bags per min

Coffee Powder Vacuum Packaging Solutions


VFZ-540 Vertical Bagger With Auger Filler Suitable for coffee, yeast, flour, milk, spice, cocoa powder, etc free-flowing powder..

Wrapped Sweets Stabilo Bag Packaging Solutions


Packing Product: packed candy
Pack weight: 200-1000g
PLC control with high accuracy output

Tortilla Corn Chips Pillow Packaging Solutions

Dominican Republic

Packing Product: Tortilla chips (nachos-tostitos)
Pack weight:1000g
30 bags/mins of big bag packaging

Oatmeal Packaging Solutions


Weight: 150g, 320g, 454g
VFJ-520 with Combination Weigher
Speed;45-60 bag/min
Bag type: Pillow

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