Chocolates Pre-made Pouch, Film Forming Bag, Containers Integrated Packaging System

Chocolates Containers, Pre-made Pouch, Film Forming Bag Packaging Line

Country: Canada
Packing material: Chocolates
Packing Style: Zipper, Spout, Pillow Pouches, Containers

Project description:

Rotary Machine Packaging Line: This line provides efficient packaging solutions for pre-made, zipper and spout pouches. Nitrogen filling in chocolate packaging helps to ensure freshness, quality and shelf stability of the product throughout storage and transportation.

Vertical machine packaging lines: Mix two kinds of products packaging, designed for forming bags from film, filling, sealing and output via synchronized dosing systems.

Container packaging lines: automate the container packaging process to ensure accurate filling, sealing and labeling of containers, increasing productivity and consistency in chocolate packaging operations.

With our integrated packaging systems, you can automate the process of packing different bags or containers, ensuring consistent quality, efficiency and aesthetics of your chocolate products.

Chocolates Integrated Packaging System

Please click below to watch the production process of  vertical form fill seal machine.



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