Juice / Fruit Purees Premade Pouch Packaging Solution

Juice / Fruit Purees Rotary Pre-made Pouch Packing Machine

JR series rotary pre-made pouch packing machine with 90-degree horizontal pouch feeder for spout pouch
Country: Italy
Packing material: Juice/ Fruit Puree
Packing bag type: Spout Pouch & 4-side Seal Pouch
Pouch Size: 240x330mm, 180x250mm, 90x140mm

– This machine is for spout pouches and 4-side seal pouches, and the size difference is a little large, so we have upgraded the 90-degree horizontal pouch feeder, which will be suitable different sizes and styles pouches through convenient adjustment.
– Based on the European safety production requirements required by the customer’s region, we also added a protective cover to the pouch feeder with the top cover of the machine, as well as the safety relay is added to improve safety production level.

JR Juice/ Fruit Puree Packaging Machines

Please click below to watch the production process of  premade pouch packaging machine.



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