Mix Materials Beans Granule Pillow Packaging

Mix Materials Beans Granule Pillow Packaging Machine

VFH-420 With linear weigher.
The client needs to mix four materials, we mix and combine red beans, mung beans, soybeans and rice, each bag 50 g.
Linear Scale: Put the product in a weighing bucket with vibration and discharge the product when it reaches its nominal weight. The linear scale with several heads can mix several grain products and improve packaging efficiency.

  • We offer packaging design, film design and manufacturing, and packaging machine manufacturing, to offer a complete set of packaging lines.

    • Linear Scale
    Accurate, reliable weigh head design
    User-friendly touch screen controls.
    Net weighing range from 5g up to 100gs.
    Adjustable batch accuracy thresholds
    Easy integration with other feeding and packaging equipments
    Vibratory main and vibratory dribble discharge configuration
    Stored recipes and network data acquisition
    Independent load cells mounted weigh buckets to perform a continuation dump when reaching its capacity
    Stainless 304 construction
    PLC & touch screen control, program is more flexible, specially customized for you.
    More safety guard and prevent wrong operation from injured.
    More Intelligent , do not waste the film and with counting function.
    All Products contacts are made of stainless steel SS304 or food grade plastic.
    Various types of heating sealable laminated films can be run on the machine.

Mix Materials Beans Granule Pillow Packaging Machine

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