VFFS Packing Machine

Vertical Form Fill & Seal Machine

  • High performance and reliable with intermittent or reciprocating continuously motion Vertical Form Fill And Seal (VFFS) Machine
  • Designed for forming bag from film, Filling it by synchronized dosing system, sealing it and outputting.
  • VFJ series is able to make pillow bag, gusseted bag, flat-bottom bag, quad seal bag, vacuum bag, vent valve bag and M shape guesset bag.

Vertical Form Fill Seal Stick Packaging Machine

Stick pack machine offers multi-lane packaging for all types of products. Perfect for products like coffee, drink mixes, and cannabis as well as liquids or gels, stick pack machines can accommodate different bag shapes including pour spouts, tear notches and easy-open options.

Vertical Form Fill Seal Intermittent Packaging Machine

  • Reciprocating Continuously Motion
  • Design For Small Packages
  • Make Pillow Bag, Gusset, Flat Bottom
    Or 3-Side Sealing

Vertical Form Fill Seal Reciprocating Packaging Machine

  • High Speed Continuous Motion
  • Reciprocating By Servo Technology
  • Design For Small Packages
  • Make Pillow, Guesset & Block Bottom Bags
  • Synchronize Scale [email protected] BPM

Compact VFFS Packaging Machine VFH Series

Compact Automatic Sachet/Pouch Packaging Machine with Filling Unit Integrated, PLUG & RUN. Model Available For Powder, Liquid and Granule;Multiple Dosing/Filling Model per Request.

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