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Potato Chips Packaging Solutions

Chips Packaging Machine Potato chips packaging now working at Customer’s site in Los Angeles, CA, USA. For packing weight request …

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Stabilo Bag & Vent Valve—Coffee Powder Packaging Solutions

Stabilo Bag & Vent Valve—Coffee Powder Automatic Packing machine Packing example: Stabilo Bag & Vent Valve—Coffee Powder Automatic Coffee filling …

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Biscuits & Bread Cube Packaging Solutions

Biscuits & Bread Cube Zipper Pouch Packaging Machine Country: Saudi ArabiaPacking material: Biscuits & Baking BreadPacking bag type: Doy Zipper …

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Cookies / Croissants Zipper Packing Solutions

Cookies / Croissants Zipper Pouch Packaging Machine The packing system equipped with JR series rotary premade pouch packing machine for …

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Beans Doypack Vacuum Packaging Solutions

Beans Doypack Vacuum Packaging Machine Packing material: BeansCountry: USAWeight: 200-3000gAutomatic Rotary Pouch Fill and Seal Machine Model: JR 8S-300 . …

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Walnut Kernel Nut Packaging Solutions

Walnut Kernel Nut Packaging Machine Country: USAPacking material: walnut kernelPacking bag type: zipper stand-up bagPackage weight: 15g-2kgPacking size: W78*L130mm-W300*L400mmEquipment solution: …

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Retort Pouch Packaging Solutions

Retort Pouches / Cooking Bags Packaging Machine Multi Filling Retort Pouches / Cooking Bags Packaging MachineCustomer from Bolivia buy JR8S-240 …

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Brown Sugar Zipper Packing Solutions

Brown Sugar Automatic Zipper Pouch Packaging Machine Customer:Peru Packing Product: Brown Sugar Brown Sugar Zipper Pouch PackagingBecause of the high …

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Chips Food Packaging Solutions

Chips Foods Zipper Premade Pouch Packaging Machine Customer: ChilePacking Product: Chips Food 35g-180g JR8S 240 Chips Food Zipper Packaging Machine …

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Pet Food Packaging Solutions

1kg 3kg Pet / Dog Food Packaging Machine Pet Food Packaging MachineCustomer: ArgentinaPacking Product: Pet Food 1-3kgPacking Equipment: JR8S-240 Thermal …

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Sesame and Seaweed Mixing Packaging Solutions

Sesame and Seaweed Mixing Snacks Packaging Machine Automatic Rotary Pouch Fill and Seal Machine Model: JR 8S-240 .Packing Sesame and …

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Cat Litter Packaging Solutions

Cat Litter Packaging Machine Customer: ChinaPacking Product: Cat LittersBag type: ”M” type Gusset bag with handle hole, Handle bagJR8S-300 pre-made …

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Sea Salt Zipper Packing Solutions

Sea Salt Zipper Pouch Packaging Machine Customer: South AfricaPacking Product: coarse sea salt and fine sea saltPack weight:250g and 500gJR1S-300 …

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Biscuit Doypack Packaging Solutions

Biscuit Premade Doypack Packaging Machine Customer: Czech RepublicPacking Product: small biscuits sachetWeight: 6-8 pcs JR8S-240 pre-made zipper pouch packing machine …

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Frozen Blueberries Packaging Solutions

Frozen Blueberries Pre-made Zipper Pouch Packaging Machine Customer: USAPacking Product: Frozen BlueberriesWeight: 1-5 lbs=0.454-2.268KGJR8S-240 pre-made zipper pouch packing machine + …

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