Vacuum Rotary Packing Machine JR8V10-270

It is the bag clamping that is specially used for Vacuum packing.Capable to pack various kinds of products, like granules, frozen food, pickled food, hardware etc. Even solid material mixed with liquid.This makes packing speed of spout bag up to 30bags/min.

Eight work station: On bags-Transition-Openbags- Blanking-Transltion- Transition into the vacuum chamber-Output


  • Driving CAM to 45# forged material, the heat treatment hardness HR45 degrees or higher;
  • Axis 45# shaft grinding, the surface is smooth,wear-resistant and durable; 304, the packaging machine is used for food-grade material, the thickness of 2mm, mirror plate, in order to clean;
  • Bags, open bags, sealing, paw, claws for food-grade material 304;
  • The electrical box for food-grade 304 thickness of 2mm, waterproof type, the mesa can direct water flushing;
  • With a double vacuum pump, the vacuum effect can reach 95% 100%.
  • Barometric pressure, temperature control instrument fault detection machines, machine bag, bag openings, control code machine, filling device, heat sealing device;
  • PLC control, human interface; Motor adjust the bag width, a key can adjust the width of each machine.
Safe and convenient:
  • It alarms and shows fault location when errors occur, which is easy to fix
  • It is equipped with a protective door, which prevents dust and machine from injuring workers accidentally
  • It is also equipped with the prompt facility of anti-misoperation, which prevents the machine from damaging
  • Normal bag clamping (switch between spout bag clamping and Normal bag clamping)
  • Multiple high-speed filling machines.