Coffee Powder Vacuum Packaging Solutions

VFZ-540 Vacuum Brick Bag Packaging Machine

VFZ-540 Vertical Bagger With Auger Filler Suitable for coffee, yeast,flour, milk,spice, cocoa powder etc free flowing powder.

It integrates with vertical form fill and seal machine, screw loading conveyor, auger filler, which is advanced in vibration, pressing, reforming, vacuuming, sealing, cutting, smoothing and conveying such chief processing steps, take result in getting nice bag shape and appropriate vacuum degree.

VFZ-540 Vertical Form Fill and Seal Machine

  • Packing bag width: 80 to 260mm (3.1 to 10.3’’)
  • Packing bag length: 50 to 340mm (2.0 to 13.4’’)
  • OMRON PLC and Omron Colorful Touch Screen
  • Vacuum Working Station
  • 304# Stainless Steel Frame

VFJ Powder Vacuum Packaging Machine

Please click below to watch the production process of  vertical form fill seal machine.



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