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Cannabis Sativa Automatic Zipper Pouch Packaging Machine

Packing example: cannabis sativa packing

Growing cannabis sativa has become legal in Washington State. For the last 5 years, the market has showed a high demand to it. Packing the cannabis sativa manually can’t satisfied the needs, so some factory owners decided to replace the workers for automatic packing machine.


  • Accuracy ±0.3g per bag
  • Open Zip in Doypack with Hole
  • Speed up to 50 pouches per min

Because of the high price of cannabis sativa, our customer required that the accuracy need to be controlled within ±0.05 gram. In order to control the cost, we used a 14 Heads Combination Scale along with our Pre-made Pouch Fill & Seal Machine to make each package’s weight within 3.5~3.55 gram. This machine is fit for bags from 1 gram to 200 gram and satisfies a wide range of pouches and weight.

  • A servo technology zip opener suit for Euro hole and acheived 99% open success rate.
  • Low noise vacuum system with pollution free.
  • Gripper width adjust by touch screen in a minute.
  • Save pouch: no pouch or incorrect pouch opening, no fill & no seal
  • Equipped with a 10'' PLC touch screen with graphic intraface and an automatic lubricating system.
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