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Insulin Pen Syringe & Needle Packaging Machine

Medical Insulin Pen Needles in Small Zipper Pouch, ONLY in HONOR PACK
JR8S-240 Automatic Pre-made Pouch Packing Machine, for an European company, succeed to pack 7 pieces pen needles into a small, soft zipper pouch with round hole.

  • Max Speed: 30BPM;
  • Min. Pouch Width: 80 mm;

The Syringe and Needle Packaging Solution is made to fit customer’s limit ceiling height, which is 3 meters. Micro 10 Head Combination Scales is designed for small quantity but high precision products such as medical products because they are strict on production standard. Install a weight checker after the pouch output, to double ensure the needles quantity correct in packing.

JR With Multihead Scales
Rotary Packaging Machine JR8-240
Multi-Heads Combination Scale
S Shape Incline Conveyor
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