Rice Cake Vacuum Packaging Solutions

Rice Cake Vacuum Rotary Premade Big Bag Packaging Machine

For Korean Customer to pack rice cake from 500g – 3000g. Customer want the package to be as flat as it can be, and reduce most of the air inside the bags. For normal application, most supplier will press the bag and reduce the air inside the bags. Honor Pack develop a new device with strong press and vibration to make bags as flat as it can be.


  • Pouch width up to 350mm.
  • Busch Vacuum Pump
  • Runs pouch @ 30 bpm

What’s more, we added a strong vacuum pump to extract the air inside the bags, and if enough time, can do like vacuum packing. Also we develop a bag lifting system, for big quantity flat bag stock. Additional TTO, Metal Detection Ring, Silicone-gel Automatic filling machine make the whole system reliable and advanced. Contact with us with your packing requirement, and we can provide you a customized full packing system.

Packing Equipment:

  1. JR6S-350 Rotary Packing Machine For Premade Bags
  2. 14 Heads Combination Scale
  3. S Elevator
  4. Metal Detector Ring
  5. TTO/Thermal Transfer Printer
  6. Silicone-gel Feeding Machine
  7. Busch Vacuum Pump

JR Rice Cake Packaging Machines

Please click below to watch the production process of  premade pouch packaging machine.



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