Drip Coffee Bag Packaging Solution

Drip Coffee Bag Packaging

Drip coffee bag packing machine

Drip coffee bag (inner & outer) packing machine
Country: Philippines
Packing material: Grind coffee powder
Packing bag type: drip coffee bag
Package weight: 10 g
Packing speed: 20-35 bpm

Project description:
1. For drip coffee bag packing, with the function of output number counting, can set the batch number of produce quantity
2. Added material block alarm, while sensor detected the situation, will stop packing to avoid raw material and packaging material waste
3. With safe door option, while during production, if the door opened by random, machine will stop aromatically to avoid hurt person, machine is simple to operate but very humanization
4. The inner bag sealed with ultrasonic method, outer bag use hot sealing jaw, the sealing effect is tight and pretty! Can meet your multi-packaging goal!

Drip coffee Automatic Packing Machine

Please click below to watch the production process of  vertical form fill seal machine.



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